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IBM Planning Analytics (PA) is a complete planning and analytics solution that helps organizations drive efficiency and uncover new insights directly from their data. And the web experience, the main marketing tool used to sell the product, had reached an inflection point. It was crowded with too much information (45+ pages) and not visually cohesive, which made it confusing to navigate and led to underperforming expectations.

We needed to give users a fresh experience and prioritize the information they wanted to see when it came to learning about the product. The old site was not taking advantage of high-traffic areas and lacked a clear design vision, contributing to a sense of clutter and information overload. This is where we applied design, UI/UX and analytics to solve the problem.

An improved IBM Planning Analytics design created an experience that had a demonstrable positive impact on the business.

As a result of the design overhaul, there was a 14% increase in sign-ups for product demos leading to a connection with the IBM Sales team. In addition, there was also a 13.7% increase in organic entry visits because the new navigation and sitemap were aligned with the SEO team.

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