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Multiple slides in presentation tilted to the side in light pink, neon yellow, blue, salmon, white color palette

I hate seeing presentations suffer from the evils of too much text and basic clip art. Often, the design aspect of presentations is an afterthought. It's something people think should be done, but no one ever takes the time to do it. This was always surprising to me because I thought the goal of a presentation was to keep people engaged. And a surefire way for people to zone out is to show the same slideshow as everyone else.

Presentation slide with multi-line arch with "Hey. Hi. Hello. Howdy." written in serif italic font on salmon background


I created all the branding, design and graphics for these presentations. One is for ER informatics in the health field and the other is a sample presentation template one could use for a new business pitch.

Presentation slide with 3 circles with data, icons and lines in light pink and blue color palette


The goal of these presentations was to show that good design could seamlessly be incorporated into a slideshow. And showing different text layouts and options for data visualization demonstrated the limitless possibilities available.

Multiple slides in ER informatics presentation in electric blue, white and gray color palette


Working within popular presentation software programs could be arduous at times because each one had its own quirks to learn. In addition, trying to create graphics and share between different programs did not always work how I wanted.

Diagram showing hub and spokes of organization with white circles and electric blue background


The key to success for each presentation was determining the branding and visual style at the beginning, before any slides were made. Once this framework was set, I could create within these constraints to build a cohesive and appealing final product.

Two slides place on top of each other in ER informatics presentation in electric blue, white and gray color palette


These projects enhanced my design toolkit because now I can show thoughtfully and carefully designed presentations that were created within software programs that were not built with a design-first mindset. As if to say, yes - I can even make that look good.

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