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images of Week of Thanks campaign

2020 Houston Parks Board Annual Report
The Black Sheep Agency is a cause-driven marketing, brand strategy and design agency that cares about activating people around the things that matter. And the Houston Parks Board is a nonprofit with the mission to connect all Houstonians via initiatives that create, improve, protect, and advocate for parks for everyone.

Mobile phone mockups of  Houston Parks Board "Week of Thanks" social media graphics. Left  phone: red background with white text. Middle phone: White background with green text and icon images. Right phone: Blue background with white text and bird icon.


I worked alongside the Creative Director to create UI designs, web layouts and social media graphics for the 2020 Houston Parks Board digital annual report. These concepts were then given to Reach Creative, a digital agency. Reinterpreting existing brand assets was necessary because we were working on an accelerated timeline to coincide with the Week of Thanks initiative.

Lo-fi wireframe of homepage design option that says "Up Close" and scrolls down to reveal stats and placeholder text and images


To commemorate 2020, the Houston Parks Board wanted to go beyond the standard annual report, in order to highlight reaching their goal of raising $225 million for the Bayou Greenways Initiative, which would create 150 miles of trails and 3000 acres of greenspace in and around Houston. In addition, because all events were being done virtually, this was another opportunity to share the annual report across a broader range of the community.

Hi-fidelity mobile mockup of "Close Up" web design option with images, stats and photo of 2 girls.


Because of the tight timeline, much of the design work was done before final content was created. This is the reality for many projects, and it gave me the opportunity to learn how to work within constraints while still producing options for the client.

Lo-fi wireframe of design option for "Getting Closer" that is a horizontal scroll timeline with events and placeholder for images


It was a fully remote team consisting of members of The Black Sheep Agency, The Houston Parks Board and Reach Creative. It was a collaborative effort, and we worked together to produce an impactful design that met the client’s needs and was delivered on time.

Hi-fidelity mobile mockup of "Getting Closer" web design option with images trees going to horizontal scroll to right showing timeline with events.Hi-fidelity mobile mockup of "Getting Closer" web design option with horizontal scroll to right showing timeline with events.


From a design perspective, it was sometimes difficult to envision how certain elements would be applied when the content did not exist. So, trying to guess how things might look was challenging. Fortunately, everyone was willing to work together towards the best end product, which made it easier to implement feedback and edits. I also continued to improve my wireframe and prototyping skills, and this project demonstrated the value in doing all that work upfront. Because it allows you to present options to the client without over investing time and resources into one solution.

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