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Austin Ed Fund is a nonprofit with the mission to inspire the community to invest in Austin Independent School District (AISD), while being a recognized champion of AISD. They fund innovative classroom practices, educational opportunities and district-wide initiatives that strengthen public education, like robotics projects, writing workshops and hands-on learning experiences. And they have facilitated $24 million in support of AISD students and teachers, to date.

Invitation, donation card, envelope and WFH card in shades of blue and white for 2020 luncheon on blue background.


As a designer, I have worked with the Austin Ed Fund over five years as an independent, remote freelancer. And I have collaborated with numerous team members, board members and donors to create branding, annual reports, print collateral and web projects.

Cover of 2019 Austin Ed fund annual report on red background.


The purpose of investing in this design work is to highlight the impact of the organization, which aids in supporting future fundraising efforts. For example, the branding and design for the annual fundraising luncheon has helped inform the community about the work done by Austin Ed Fund throughout the year to have a lasting and positive impact on the Austin education community.

Table of contents of 2019 Austin Ed fund annual report with robot photo on yellow background.


There can be numerous stakeholders (i.e. donors, board members, teachers, etc.), to balance, depending on the project. So, it’s important to listen to input and feedback from all parties, and have a clear understanding of design goals and expectations.

Executive letter and board of 2019 Austin Ed fund annual report on blue background.


Having worked with Austin Ed Fund over a number of years, I’ve found it rewarding to see how design can give a nonprofit the edge it needs to stand out, increases donations and continues growing the impact they have on the community.

Sponsored projects of 2019 Austin Ed fund annual report on sage green background.


It's important to remember that design is not a solo endeavor. Fostering open communication and collaboration are necessary to get to the best possible product for all parties involved.

Austin map and grant data of 2019 Austin Ed fund annual report on red background.
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